Chicken & Biscuits
  • 07/28/2023 - 08/13/2023
  • Kalita Humphreys Theater

Chicken & Biscuits

By Douglas Lyons

*ASL Performance - July 30 - Call for tickets or email for assistance

Uptown Players closes its twenty first season with the regional premiere of Chicken & Biscuits. Written by Douglas Lyons, Chicken & Biscuits follows rivaling sisters, Baneatta and Beverly, as they try to bury their father without killing each other. This proves difficult, when Beverly shows up to the chapel with all her “blessings” on display. Baneatta’s husband tries to mediate the family drama while preparing Bernard’s eulogy. Baneatta’s son intentionally brings his neurotic white Jewish boyfriend along, knowing Baneatta disapproves. All while Beverly’s nosy daughter keeps asking questions no one wants to answer. But when a family secret reveals itself at the altar, the two sisters are faced with a truth that could either heal, or break them.