Application Pending
  • 01/29/2021 - 02/07/2021
  • Streaming Production

Application Pending

Running Time 90 Minutes - No Intermission

By Greg Edwards and Andy Sandberg


B.J. Cleveland stars as Chris Evans,  a kindergarten assistant at Edgely Prep, an elite Manhattan private school with an acceptance rate that puts Harvard’s to shame. On the day applications are due, Edgely’s Head of Admissions is ousted in a scandal, and Chris is unexpectedly thrust into the job. With phones ringing off the hook, Chris must balance beleaguered applicants, venal administrators, and an army of parents who will stop at nothing to get their kids into this exclusive school.B.J. Cleaveland plays all 44 characters in this non-stop comedy

Winner of the 2015 Broadway World Award for Best Off–Broadway Play, Application Pending explores the cutthroat world of kindergarten admissions and what it ultimately means to be a good parent.