At Uptown Players, we are committed to creating a vibrant and inclusive theatrical community. We know that diversity and representation are essential to the theatrical community we are building to celebrate and uplift the voices and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.  We are committed to fostering an environment that welcomes and embraces individuals of all backgrounds.  We will strive to do so through:

Diversity:  We will seek a diverse range of experiences and perspectives in all aspects of our theater company and provide a safe and welcoming space for all to ensure we reflect the rich tapestry of society.

Equity:  We will ensure fair access and opportunity and work to eliminate barriers that have prevented full participation and advancement to some groups in the past. 

Inclusion:  We will help everyone feel valued, heard and respected by engaging in dialogue and education to challenge biases and create a more inclusive theatrical community.

This is an ongoing journey of self-reflection, learning, and improvement that can only be achieved with the input and feedback of our casts, crews and patrons.  We welcome the opportunity to engage in open dialogue with you to adapt our practices and ensure we build an environment where all feel included and can enjoy the performing arts. Together, Uptown Players believes we can create transformative theatrical experiences that inspire, educate, and build bridges of understanding.