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Side 1 - Gilligan and Skipper

Side 2 - Professor Mary Ann and Ginger

Side 3 - Ginger and Mary Ann

Side 4 - Proffesor , Skipper, Mr. Howell, Mary Ann, Ginger

Side 5 - Mr. Howell, Ginger, Mary Ann , Skipper

Side 6 - Mrs. Howell and Skipper

Side 7 - Cody

Side 8 - Cody, Mary Ann, Ginger Mrs Howell , Professor

Uptown Players announces auditions for the world premiere of Jamie Morris’ Gilligan’s Fire Island, a parody of the beloved TV series that ran from 1964 to 1967.

When hot young twink Cody Tanner boards the ferry in Sayville, Long Island, he is over the moon excited for his first trip to Fire Island. Soon he is overboard, knocked unconscious by an overzealous drag queen. He washes ashore on a certain "uncharted desert isle" and meets seven stranded castaways who are suffering from a bad case of island fever. The skipper, his "little buddy," the millionaire and his wife, the movie star and "the rest" are all at each other's throats. Soon, the charming Cody wins them over and brings them all together as a family as they show him the perfect gay getaway and a vacation he will never forget.

Seeking 7 actors (possibly 1 actress) with strong comic timing and a talent for impersonation to play iconic TV characters in Uptown Players’ World Premiere of Jamie Morris’ GILLIGAN’s FIRE ISLAND. 

GILLIGAN (PLAYED BY A MALE) - The young, bumbling title character who is always screwing things up, yet always seems to save the day. Actor should be lean and lanky, good with physical comedy, and be able to capture the essence of actor Bob Denver’s portrayal. 

SKIPPER (MAY BE PLAYED BY A MALE OR FEMALE) - The unofficial leader of the castaways. He is honorable, extremely likable, and always wants to do the right thing. Actor should be on the heavyset side, good with physical comedy, and be able to capture the essence of actor Alan Hale Jr.’s portrayal.  

THURSTON/LOVEY (PLAYED BY A MALE) - The Howells are the wealthy lovable couple who still see themselves as the top one percent. If there’s a class structure on the island the Howells are at the top of the food chain. Actor should be very versatile, have great comic timing, and be comfortable playing a role in drag and be willing to execute fast costume changes as he will be playing both roles made famous by Jim Backus and Natalie Schafer.

GINGER (PLAYED BY A MALE) - The Marilyn Monroe-esque movie star who still sees herself as famous.  A man crazy, vapid beauty, she can get away with a lot using her looks as her secret weapon. Actor must have good comic timing, be comfortable performing in drag, and be able to capture the essence of the role played by Tina Louise. Must also be good at lip-synching. 

PROFESSOR (PLAYED BY A MALE) - The attractive scientist who is the MacGuyver of the group. Definitely the hot nerd, he can build, fix, repair, or invent just about anything from anything. The actor should have good comic timing, be comfortable performing shirtless and be able to capture the essence of the character played by Russell Johnson. 

MARY ANN (PLAYED BY A MALE) - The sweet, petite Kansas farm girl who seems to be the designated cook of the group, famous for making coconut a delicacy. Often put-upon and taken for granted, she goes through life with a cheery outlook and a smile on her face. Actor must have good comic timing, be comfortable performing in drag and be able to capture the essence of actress Dawn Wells.

CODY (PLAYED BY A MALE 21-25 years old) - The attractive young YouTube sensation who is smack dab in the middle of his 15 minutes of fame. He loves, loves, loves attention and relishes every moment of being famous. The actor must have great comic timing, be able to portray bitchy yet likable and be comfortable performing in just a Speedo at times.  This is a great opportunity to create an original character. Must be good at lip-synching. 

Auditions will take place on Saturday, December 6 from 10am to 1230pm at the Kalita Humphreys Theater, 3636 Turtle Creek Blvd @ Blackburn, Dallas TX 75219. For an audition appointment, call 214-219-2718. Auditions will consist of reading selections from the script in the likeness of the actors from the TV Series. Sides will be posted on the Uptown Players website audition page by November 30. A headshot and resume are required at auditions.  Callbacks will take place on Sunday, December 7 from 430p to 630p.

Rehearsals will begin the week of January 19.  The production runs February 13 through March 15, 2015 at the Rose Room Theater inside the S4 nightclub on Cedar Springs. For additional information, visit

For additional information, visit

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