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Uptown Players and the Turtle Creek Chorale announce auditions for the concert version of the musical Titanic, winner of the 1997 Tony Award for Best Musical. 

With book and story by Peter Stone and music and lyrics by Maury Yeston, The musical Titanic examines the causes, the conditions and the characters involved in this ever-fascinating drama. This is the factual story of that ship, her officers, crew and passengers. 

The production is under the direction of Cheryl Denson, with Music Direction by Kevin Gunter, Choral direction by Sean Baugh, and choreography by Vicki Squires.

The following 18 principal roles are open to both equity and non-equity actors. There are three principal equity contracts available for this production.  

Thomas Andrews — (Bari-Tenor) the ship’s designer and builder, late 30’s. Slight irish accent.
J. Bruce Ismay — (Baritone) the ship’s owner, 40’s, fastidiously dressed. British
E.J. Smith — (Baritone) Warm, good-humored patriarchal Captain, 50’s.
William Murdoch — (Tenor) first officer; a Scotsman, 30’s-40’s.
Harold Bride — (Tenor) Quiet, socially awkward Junior Wireless Operator, 20’s
Frederick Barrett — (Bari-Tenor) strapping young stoker from the Midlands, 20’s
Frederick Fleet — (Tenor) Ship’s young and eager lookout; 20’s
Henry Etches — (Tenor) efficient, discreet senior 1st-Class Steward; 30’s-40’s
Charles Clark — (tenor) Young British journalist, in love with Caroline. 30’s
Jim Farrell – (Baritenor) a handsome Irishman.  Tough but charming lad. 20’s
Isidor Straus — (Baritone) 1st-Class Passenger; Jewish German-American. 60’s
Edgar Beane — (Baritone) American Westerner, husband of Alice. 30’s
Ida Straus — (Soprano) Fiercely devoted wife of Isador. Jewish German-American. 40’s-60’s
Alice Beane — (legit Mezzo-soprano/high belt) 2nd-Class passenger, American Midwest. 30’s
The Three Kates — (mezzo sopranos) 3 young Irish girls, 20’s
Caroline Neville – (Soprano) Warm Classy British Aristocrat in love with Charles Clark. 20’s

In addition to the 18 principal roles, this production will feature an ensemble of over 100 voices, including members of the Turtle Creek Chorale, to portray the remaining crew and passengers aboard the Titanic. Anyone desiring an ensemble role will be required to sign up for a vocal audition slot. Existing Chorale members need only audition if desiring a speaking or singing role.

Vocal auditions will be held by appointment on Saturday February 4 from 10am to 2pm and Monday February 6 from 6pm to 10pm at the Bryant Hall Building in the Kalita Humphreys Theater complex, 3636 Turtle Creek Boulevard (@ Blackburn), Dallas TX 75219. To request an audition appointment electronically, visit HERE or call 214-219-2718. The script is available at the Uptown Players and Turtle Creek Chorale offices during box office hours. Please prepare 16 bars of two contrasting Broadway musical selections that show off vocal range and musicianship. Please bring sheet music in the correct key. An accompanist will be provided. For principal roles, a headshot and resume are required. Callbacks will take place February 11 at 10am.

Rehearsals will begin the week of April 3. The production runs May 5-7 at the Dallas City Performance Hall in the Arts District. For additional information, visit


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